Heating and Cooling Columbia MO

Intelligent control features help adjust the output capacity allowing the unit to keep the temperature and humidity at your desired levels without fluctuation. Whether it be the summer or winter, the system keeps your home comfortable and the living conditions to your desired taste.

·         Ultra-efficient inverter drive system delivers up to 18 SEER and towers over 1 and 2-stage systems

·         Variable capacity control to precisely match the cooling/heating load - no more no less

·         One of the quietest and most compact air-to-air systems with sound levels as low as 56 dB

·         Delivers ultimate comfort through stable room temperature using your choice of thermostat

·         10-year Limited Warranty

The blower motor is a constant torque ECM motor and comes standard in all size units. These intuitive motors can deliver comfortable air flow at quiet sound levels, while adapting to changing conditions in your home. Additionally, the unit is a true modulating unit by varying the compressor speed for smooth temperature transitions and ultimate humidity control within the home.

Bosch offers a complete range of air handler units from 2 through 5 ton sizes. These units are robust and constructed with heavy duty commercial grade epoxy powder coated steel for durability. The unit comes standard for upflow applications. These cabinets are field convertible for horizontal right, horizontal left, or downflow/counterflow applications.

The units come standard with an electronic expansion valve (EEV) to ensure proper refrigerant flow during all conditions in order to optimize the unit’s process to the highest efficiency possible.